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"Please Pass The Manners touches on very time sensitive topics such as cell phone and social media use in business. Rachel is a fun and thorough teacher."

Stacey Siegel, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs, Keyes Automotive

"The talk was informative particularly the section on allowing the interviewer take the lead, since normally I am awkward in those situations."

Sandeep Thipperwamy, USC International Student

"I learned the proper way to approach an American dining situation - napkins, what to eat, and how to order food."

USC International Student From China

"This talk was informative. I learned about American manners - blowing nose/attire/elbows."

Weiseem Dulloo, USC Law School Student

"This talk was informative. I learned examples of: napkins, passing food, paying and attire."

Leslie Busick, USC student

"Thank you so much for your generous support of Whole Planet Foundation at the El Segundo event! "

Lauren Evans, 
Senior Marketing & Outreach Program Manager | Whole Planet Foundation

"Good manners and propriety are important especially today! Rachel Isgar is an excellent resource!"

Cynthia Wood, Physical Therapist

"Very useful in navigating the complexities of how to honor other people in today's world."

Rachel Timone, Rabbi, Leo Baeck Temple

"My daughter enjoyed the class and I was happy with her improved table manners. Having these skills reinforced by someone other than a parent helps a great deal."

Holly Riley, Vice President at Wells Fargo

"The children respond well to her style because she is kind, thoughtful and passionate about learning."

Bethany George, Caldwell Partners

"My children - Tiffani and Manar took an etiquette class with Miss Rachel, and it was well worth the money."

Shari Dinnel, Teacher

"It was great for my kids to learn about manners from someone other than my husband and I."

Deanna Newell, Entertainment Industry Lawyer

"Right after my daughter took Rachel’s class, she demanded to set the table every night!"

Joy Fehily, Prime Public Relations

"When my 7 year old daughter returned from the Please Pass the Manners class she was very excited to show me how to properly set the table!"

Catherine Abraham, News Media Producer

"Rachel has the perfect blend of kindness and firmness and the kids really learn a lot and have fun!"

Ellen Ensher, Ph.D. Professor of Management, Loyola Marymount University School of Business

"My son actually came home and asked me how my day was and started a conversation without me having to initiate."


"I really liked it -- it was awesome! It was fun learning how to be polite. I also learned where the fork, spoon, knife, and napkin go."


Now With Two Locations: Los Angeles, CA & Scottsdale, AZ

Welcome to Please Pass The Manners

Today more than ever it is important for adults and children to understand how to communicate with confidence to create a great impression. In a world where we want to be at our best, whether in business or at home we are the preeminent place to go to get the finishing touches that count. Please Pass The Manners is dedicated to teaching businesses, adults and kids how to use proper etiquette for creating the most effective conversations and interactions. Our commitment is to provide fun and engaging classes that will have your children excited about practicing etiquette skills even at home. Come visit one of our etiquette classes today.


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Forthcoming Books By Rachel Isgar

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More Than Just Etiquette Classes

Our range of etiquette classes is diverse and comprehensive. In addition, if you don’t see classes that suit your needs, we will prepare a custom program especially for you. Click below to see what we offer:

cnn-moneyDo your employees need to learn some manners?

People have spent so much time in recent years lost in their virtual lives that they've forgotten how to actually communicate and behave in the real world.

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Youth & College Etiquette

We provide more than just etiquette classes. We provide etiquette classes to open doors for your child. These etiquette classes are fun, interactive and educational. See the difference between our etiquette classes and other etiquette classes in L.A. and Scottsdale
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Millennial, Business & Corporate Etiquette

We provide training that is all inclusive for the workplace from the initial job interview to landing the deal. Including professional image instruction, speech presentation, business dining and methods for building corporate relationships... Learn More

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