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Special Etiquette Packages

When The Occasion Calls For Etiquette...

We offer etiquette packages to help provide more services for your occasion. You may be surprised how much fun these packages are, not to mention how educational they are. See for yourself.

Etiquette & Birthday Party Packages

TeaPartyI also specialize in customized parties for boys or girls at any age. The curriculum varies by age and interest. The parties can be held in your home or a local restaurant. The possibilities are endless from low key to very formal. There are lots of etiquette games that can be incorporated to engage the party goers. Etiquette parties are also donated to school fundraisers upon availability.

  • Customized Theme Parties
  • Etiquette Games
  • Sports Games
  • Art Projects
  • Super Heroes
  • Girlie Girls
  • Disney Characters
  • Animal Themes
  • And Much More

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Holiday Parties

familymealSpecially themed parties for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and Mother’s Day can help a child’s confidence at these often joyous yet stressful occasions.

  • Greeting the host/hostess
  • Table Manners
  • Dinner conversation
  • Sharing your thoughts
  • Dealing with stressful family situations
  • What to do if you receive a gift you don’t like
  • How to ask questions.
  • Sharing your personal experiences
  • How to write a thank you note
  • Timeliness is important

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Etiquette Classes & Packages

We provide more than just etiquette classes. We provide etiquette classes to open doors for your child. These etiquette classes are fun, interactive and educational. See the difference between our etiquette classes and other etiquette classes in L.A. and Scottsdale
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Millennial, Business & Corporate Etiquette

We provide training that is all inclusive for the workplace from the initial job interview to landing the deal. Including professional image instruction, speech presentation, business dining and methods for building corporate relationships... Learn More

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