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Here Are A Handful Of The Kind Words Our Students Had To Say.


#Next Level Manners; Business Etiquette for Millennials

"As a mayor and business man I can tell you that a key to success for millennial's is having competitive skills in dealing with people. This book will give you an advantage."
–Dick Riordan, Former Mayor of Los Angeles

"Love the illustrations. They make the book rich and interesting. The characters and situations make me LOL."
–Catherine Abraham - New Media Producer

"Millennials will find this book very useful. It is an easy way to learn proper business etiquette, which is an important step for anyone's career development."
–Greg Dawley, Investment Banker

"I am so excited about this book and its approach to an important topic. I want this book in the hands of every millennial who wants to blaze a trail. Over and over again I see my talented and intelligent millennials enter the workplace and run into unexpected challenges. It turns out that activating their manners, next level manners that is, can be a powerful tool for business success."
–Dr. Ellen Ensher, Professor of Human Resource Management, Loyola Marymount University

"Integrating millennials into a company's culture can be a challenging task. Reading #Next Level Manners made me realize that good manners can create a solid common ground where all the generations in the company can meet."
–Lauren Evans, Whole Foods Market

"I am recommending this book to our 4,000 international digital media and tech employees. These are just the skills and attitude we want to encourage with our team."
–Mauro Saladini  Executive Vice President, Kudelski Group 

"Each year, the Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission selects the best and the brightest students, from all over the country, to participate in a Professional Development Program. The program is designed to educate the students on the opportunities in the sports business and sharpen their business and professional skills. This year, we were able to also provide the students with a business etiquette book that was right on target, #Next Level Manners; Business Etiquette for Millennials. Rachel Isgar’s book was right on target with everything we try and pass on each year and all 25 students in this program found the material to be valuable, and very helpful. Isgar’s presentation of the material really resonated with the students and resulted in them feeling more confident in their professional persona and their ability to become productive members of the business community."
–Kathryn S. Schloessman, President, Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission  

"Rachel simplifies professional interactions and business etiquette in this jam-packed, actionable-insight oriented hit. Highly recommend!"
–Justin Lafazan, Co-Founder, Next Gen Summit 


"As a Speaker Rachel Isgar touches on some very time sensitive topics including social media etiquette and personal branding in the business world. Her audiences find her highly engaging and fun and leave her talk feeling better understand how to use manners as tools to advance a career. "
–Stacey Siegel, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs | Keyes Automotive

“Rachel Isgar’s Next Level Manners for Millennials presentation was informative and interactive. We received good advice for customer facing positions in the workplace. With the growing use of cellphones in today’s society, it is imperative to maintain good manners during face to face meetings. This presentation is useful for employees to learn and maintain good manners for their professional growth.”
–Intel’s Interns and College Graduates Integration Program Team

"It was wonderful having Rachel come to speak to our team. We all had fun, learned a few helpful tips, tricks and pointers…and most importantly, used the time to remind ourselves that etiquette is simply manners that make everyone comfortable together.”
–Marrissa Mallory


"The talk was informative particularly the section on allowing the interviewer take the lead, since normally I am awkward in those situations."
–Sandeep Thipperwamy, USC International Student

"I learned the proper way to approach an American dining situation - napkins, what to eat, and how to order food."
–USC International Student From China

"This talk was informative. I learned about American manners - blowing nose/attire/elbows."
–Weiseem Dulloo, USC Law School Student

"This talk was informative. I learned examples of: napkins, passing food, paying and attire."
–Leslie Busick, USC student

Private Sector

"Please Pass The Manners touches on very time sensitive topics such as cell phone and social media use in business. Rachel is a fun and thorough teacher."
–Stacey Siegel, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs | Keyes Automotive

"Thank you so much for your generous support of Whole Planet Foundation at the El Segundo event! We had a good turnout, and raised enough for almost two microcredit loans that will change the lives of 12 people. And the best part is, the money will be repaid and re-loaned again and again, creating additional prosperity for future generations of women entrepreneurs and their families."
–Lauren Evans
, Senior Marketing & Outreach Program Manager | Whole Planet Foundation

"Good manners and propriety are important especially today! Rachel Isgar is an excellent resource! "
–Cynthia Wood, Physical Therapist

"Very useful in navigating the complexities of how to honor other people in today's world."
–Rachel Timone, Rabbi

Children’s Classes

"My daughter enjoyed the class and I was happy with her improved table manners. Having these skills reinforced by someone other than a parent helps a great deal."
–Holly Riley , Wells Fargo

"The children respond well to her style because she is kind, thoughtful and passionate about learning."
–Bethany George, Caldwell Partners

"My children - Tiffani and Manar took an etiquette class with Miss Rachel, and it was well worth the money. They had so much fun and learned a lot. We talked about the class for days, which is always a good sign that it was money well spent, and there might have been a presentation in there as well. It was really refreshing to have my daughter/son in a setting that reinforces the values that we work so hard to instill at home. We will definitely be doing it again, as I can never have too much help with raising a little lady and gentleman."
–Shari Dinnel, Teacher

“It was great for my kids to learn about manners from someone other than my husband and I. I think she learned more in one hour with Rachel because she actually paid attention to someone else.” Also, you could quote me as saying, “My daughter had a great time- it was fun for her and fun for me to know she was learning some useful table manners!”
–Deanna Newell, Entertainment Industry Lawyer

“Right after my daughter took Rachel’s class, she demanded to set the table every night – and knew exactly where everything should be placed. She had a great time learning her manners!”
–Joy Fehily, Prime Public Relations 

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