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Rachel Isgar

Author, speaker, and corporate etiquette coach, Rachel Isgar Ph.D., is changing the way Millennials and Gen-Z engage with each other and other generations in the virtual workplace.

Focusing on topics that help businesses keep their employees engaged online, Rachel’s work is incredibly relevant, as she infuses company culture for employees to work towards common goals as evidenced by clients such as Intel.

Featured Classes:

Job Transition Skills

COVID-19 has created a challenging job market with skyrocketing unemployment rates. Rachel teaches job transition skills that will help you find your next role. How do you make sure you look professional on camera? Where should you train your eyes on a video call? What kind of questions do you anticipate being asked and how can you prepare for them? What should you include in your follow-up thank you email? Rachel helps you become a strong job applicant and nail your next video interview. In addition, she provides tips to help you after you get the job, such as how to network in your new virtual role with other employees in the company.

The Business Power Meal: Wine, Dine, and Impress

The business lunch or dinner is filled with potential—and also fraught with potential pitfalls. Tip the scales in your favor with this expert-level workshop. Rachel’s comprehensive talk covers table manners, utensils, ordering, timing, hosting, paying and tipping. She also covers how to excel in conversation, keep ice breakers in your back pocket and know when to focus the conversation on business.

Motivating Remote Teams

Are your employees feeling a lack of engagement? Are they wondering how their company is doing financially and if their hard work even matters? If part of your work force has lost their job, been furloughed, or taken other jobs, have you distributed their work fairly so your remaining staff doesn’t feel overwhelmed? There are no longer in-person company meetings for employees to ask questions or voice how they are feeling. In this class, Rachel helps companies create an effective plan for not only reaching out to employees, but also for communicating and keeping your team in the loop.


“Rachel Isgar’s Next Level Manners for Millennials presentation was informative and interactive. We received good advice for customer facing positions in the workplace. With the growing use of cellphones in today’s society, it is imperative to maintain good manners during face to face meetings. This presentation is useful for employees to learn and maintain good manners for their professional growth.”

Intel’s Interns and College Graduates Integration Program Team

“As a speaker, Rachel Isgar touches on some very time sensitive topics including social media etiquette and personal branding in the business world. Her audiences find her highly engaging and fun and leave her talk feeling better, understanding how to use manners as tools to advance a career.”

Stacey Siegel, Director of Corporate and Public Affairs | Keyes Automotive

“It was wonderful having Rachel come to speak to our team. We all had fun, learned a few helpful tips, tricks and pointers…and most importantly, used the time to remind ourselves that etiquette is simply manners that make everyone comfortable together.”

Melissa Mallory, Senior Director, J Public Relations

“Thank you Rachel so much for your generous support of Whole Planet Foundation at the El Segundo event! We had a good turnout, and raised enough for almost two microcredit loans that will change the lives of 12 people. And the best part is, the money will be repaid and re-loaned again and again, creating additional prosperity for future generations of women entrepreneurs and their families.”

Lauren Evans, Senior Marketing & Outreach Program Manager | Whole Planet Foundation

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