With tech companies everywhere working remotely in response to the pandemic, the need to adapt has become paramount. The virtual workplace has made creating a healthy corporate culture increasingly challenging. Companies who do not adapt will find themselves with unengaged employees and a potential decrease in productivity. Rachel has helped people effectively communicate and collaborate in the workplace for years and is the resource your company needs to thrive online.

Our Team

Rachel Isgar, Ph.D.

Rachel is the Founder of Please Pass The Manners, an etiquette-based business dedicated to teaching companies how to use proper business etiquette to next level oneself and succeed in the business world. Please Pass The Manners has been featured in a variety of media, including Forbes, NPR, Bravo, Univision, CNBC.com, CNN Money and Reader’s Digest.

Rachel obtained her Ph.D. in education at the University of Southern California (USC) in 1993. She has since given workshops and speeches for major companies and universities including Whole Foods, Rand, Intel, NBC Universal, YTI (Port of Long Beach), the Los Angeles Concierge Association, University of Southern California, Cal Poly and Loyola Marymount University. Rachel has four children (including two millennials and two Gen Z) ranging from ages 13-24. In her free time, she loves to practice yoga, play golf, and cook with her family.

Laney Fichera

Teacher of Modern Manners & Image/Media Consultant

Erin Purnell


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