Motivating Remote Teams

Are your employees feeling a lack of engagement? Are they wondering how their company is doing financially and if their hard work even matters? If part of your work force has lost their job, been furloughed, or taken other jobs, have you distributed their work fairly so your remaining staff doesn’t feel overwhelmed? There are no longer in-person company meetings for employees to ask questions or voice how they are feeling. In this class, Rachel helps companies create an effective plan for not only reaching out to employees, but also for communicating and keeping your team in the loop.

Job Transition Skills

COVID-19 has created a challenging job market with skyrocketing unemployment rates. Rachel teaches job transition skills that will help you find your next role. How do you make sure you look professional on camera? Where should you train your eyes on a video call? What kind of questions do you anticipate being asked and how can you prepare for them? What should you include in your follow-up thank you email? Rachel helps you become a strong job applicant and nail your next video interview. In addition, she provides tips to help you after you get the job, such as how to network in your new virtual role with other employees in the company.

Creating a Productive Workspace at Home

The separation between work life and family life easily becomes muddled when parents work from home. With many children distance learning, keeping a positive work environment can be a struggle. In this class, Rachel helps working parents find a work-life balance, create spaces in their home with minimal disruptions, communicate issues with their team, and foster a healthy separation between family duties and their job.

Camera Awareness

Look your best on camera! We all take different approaches to our virtual meetings. Some of us wake up a few minutes before the call and match our pajama bottoms with a “Zoom” top. Others take a shower, do their hair and leave the pajamas in the drawer. No matter which party you belong to, virtual meetings have made most of us look at ourselves longer than we ever have before.

The Business Power Meal: Wine, Dine, and Impress

The business lunch or dinner is filled with potential—and also fraught with potential pitfalls. Tip the scales in your favor with this expert-level workshop. Rachel’s comprehensive talk covers table manners, utensils, ordering, timing, hosting, paying and tipping. She also covers how to excel in conversation, keep ice breakers in your back pocket and know when to focus the conversation on business.

Remote Goal Setting

Your employees’ goals most likely changed in some way as a response to the pandemic and work from home. Despite best efforts, your team may be hitting roadblocks in pursuit of their personal and professional goals. Rachel helps your employees and managers set SMART goals. Further, Rachel also covers the ways employees can talk about their goals with their manager. Not only does this keep them accountable, but it also allows for meaningful connections and conversations in the virtual workplace. This class is great for companies looking for ways to keep their employees motivated, productive and moving forward.

Online Team Building

In the past, your employees may have been treated to company-wide in-person lunches, happy hours, gatherings, etc. Not only were these great opportunities for bonding within your company, but they also allowed managers the ability to check in with their employees. Now that your work is remote, it’s important to find new ways to keep employees engaged, socially connected and emotionally supported. You may have already tried virtual happy hours and networking events but those can quickly become redundant. In this class, Rachel brings a fresh perspective to help your company engage and motivate its employees, while thinking outside of the box.

Social Media Best Practices

Social media is everywhere—some businesses may even require it as part of a job. Too often though, lines get blurred between your personal and professional accounts. What should you post? Should your personal account be public or private? Are emojis professional? In this class, Rachel expertly guides you through making social media work for you: email, text, phone and video conferencing etiquette, and proper use of emojis.

Meet, Greet, and Networking

First impressions cannot be easily undone, so it is critical to be conscious of both body language and words. Though many networking events are now online, body language can still be perceived through the screen. Jumpstart your career as a master networker with Rachel’s virtual networking simulations. Learn to master the all-important “meet and greet.” Learn alternatives to shaking hands, where to focus your eyes on the screen, how to introduce yourself and others, and the importance of punctuality. In addition, Rachel also covers what to wear, how to end a conversation, how to write a follow-up thank you note, and how to follow-through on offers and agreements.

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