Camera Awareness

Class Description

Look your best on camera! We all take different approaches to our virtual meetings. Some of us wake up a few minutes before the call and match our pajama bottoms with a “Zoom” top. Others take a shower, do their hair and leave the pajamas in the drawer. No matter which party you belong to, virtual meetings have made most of us look at ourselves longer than we ever have before. Ladies, does your makeup look different on camera? How do your roots look? Men, are you having a difficult time getting your hair cut with state shut- downs? Are you worried your environment may not feel professional? Are you using a virtual background? Should you? Have you changed out your favorite Zoom shirts lately? Rachel tackles these important questions in her class, helping participants create successful and professional video calls.

Learning Outcomes

+Proper “Zoom” Attire

+Setting a professional video conferencing environment

+Virtual conferencing best practices

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